The 2nd DIG4LIFE Multiplier Event and the 5th project Transnational Meeting took place in Maribor on 20-21 October 2022! 

The DIG4LIFE project involves universities, research centres, training centres and academies in Europe: Academia Higher Education Colleges, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, FH JOANNEUM, Klaipeda University,  University of Cádiz, Entropy Knowledge Network, the DiTES DIgital Technologies, Education and Society as associated partner and CRES IELPO of Roma TRE University, the project applicant!

The experimentation involved numerous schools that contributed to the success of the project.

A sincere greeting goes to all teachers and students. First of all the Italian ones involved in the pilot phase – for their commitment to testing and developing guidelines for the self-assessment of digital skills in schools!

A special greeting to Academia Higher Education Colleges for their warm hospitality and also to Entropy Knowledge Network for the professionalism in following the development of the serious game in all its phases.

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