A different learning experience for your students and classrooms

Serious Game developed by the Dig4Life project is a perfect way to offer your students a different learning experience. Play the game in your classroom for FREE and effortlessly incorporate digital literacy assessment into your curricula. Utilize the game we have developed for FREE!

The game was developed in order to assess students’ digital literacy skills through a series of dialogues and small tests. Each game episode provides points based on the student’s performance, and at the end of each play session, students receive feedback on their scores, which they can use to self-evaluate their digital skills. Teachers can also use this information to draw conclusions about their student’s digital skills. Students can play the game multiple times and compare their scores to see how they’ve progressed with their digital skills over time.

The aim of this game is to support the development of digital competencies, as outlined in the Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (DigComp). This framework was created to help Europeans develop digital competencies, which include information and data literacy, communication and collaboration, digital content creation, safety, problem-solving, and digital numeracy.

Digital skills are becoming increasingly essential to function in modern society, and the game provides a safe environment for students to learn these skills. In the end, serious Games are not only educational, as by playing, students learn while also having fun, get encouraged to learn, and stimulate their imagination.


The Individual Play

Try out the game on our website and get you own individual results.

Try on Moodle Platform

Gain access to the Link Campus University Moodle as a school or institution to get individual and aggregate results (per class).

Install on LMS Platform

Get a zipped SCORM file and install it on your institution or school LMS.


Use the editable drafts of promotional flyers, banners and social media posts we have created for you to inform your students about the game-playing activity at your next lesson, and promote it at your school in general or to your other important stakeholders.

Download the Dig4Life: Digital Skills for Literacy and Future Education manual to learn more about the game developed and the research done behind it.