Our Italian partners in L’Aquila for the #MIS4TEL International Conference

The third day of MIS4TEL Conference with a program full of contributions… including ours: “Digital Environment for Literacy and Future Education. A pilot experience of serious game co-design”

Maria Chiara De Angelis from Roma TRE University described the co-design process of the DIG4LIFE Serious game, which effectively becomes an “object to think with” and concrete opportunities for collaboration between teachers, trainers and students.

The DIG4LIFe Serious Game offers high school teachers the opportunity to use an engaging tool with students that concretizes a methodological approach in line with nowadays educational needs and the intrinsic demand for digital maturity.Serious Games give the possibility of situating the content learned, thus allowing those involved in training/education/instruction to evaluate the level of knowledge, know-how and mindset with respect to the subject/topic dealt with, as well as to train digital skills and digital maturity.

The pilot episode is available at the following link: https://www.entropylearningplatform.it/seriousgames/dig4life_it/pagine/lo.htm

Let’s play with us!

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