Digital for Literacy and Future Education (DIG4LIFE) is a research-action project that aims to create the best conditions for exchange good practices for producing innovation and cooperation in and between partner countries (Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Lithuania, Spain, Finland).
The main objective of DIG4LIFE is the improvement of teaching quality and educators skills to the fight against functional and emotional illiteracy through:

  • the development of key skills, including basic skills, in order to promote employability, socio-educational and personal development, as well as participation in civil and social life;

  • the spread of innovative pedagogical approaches based on self-assessment and experiential logic by the use of serious games and Technological Learning Environment (TLE);

  • the promotion of excellence in teaching and skills development;

  • the spread of best practices at European level;

  • the dissemination of a broader digital culture useful to manage responsibly digital technologies.

At this regard the project promotes:

  • inter curricular collaboration, creativity, innovative approaches and learning environments.
  • cooperation with subjects in local communities and abroad, to support teachers in designing skills-based teaching and developing a method for assessing and validating key competences.
  • introduction of systematic approaches and opportunities for the initial and continuous professional development of teachers, as well as through the development of effective, open and innovative digital education methods and pedagogies as well as practical tools; raise the attractiveness of the professions of teachers, trainers, mentors and educational leaders of VET.

DIG4LIFE has built a partnership among universities, research centers, training institutions, schools, associations, business accelerators and incubators, including different experiences, approaches and perspectives.
To favor the transferability of good practices and innovation among all partners DIG4LIFE provides one Training Activities. Strong relevance is assigned to events to disseminate good practices, knowledge, competences and resources. 3 events are realized by the consortium during 30 months to reach a significant number of teachers and students to involve in the digital transformation. All the project is monitored by a transversal action foreseeing an intermediate and final Evaluation, run by P1 in strong cooperation with other partners.
Communication and dissemination are also transversal actions which accompany all the project, concluding with an International Conference in Lithuania.