DIG4LIFE Intellectual Outputs

Self Assessment test and tools for teachers:

IO1.A1 Theoretical framework for self-assessment, to share the entire design of research with partners and to clarify methodology, instruments, tools, output, etc.

IO1.A2 Self-evaluations based on DigCompEdu and PIAAC for teachers summarize the strengths and weaknesses of teachers' digital skills based on the self-assessment results.

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IO1.A3  DigCompEdu for Dig4Life

A digital self-assessment tool based on the DigCompEdu framework

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DigCompEdu for DIG4LIFE Project

DIG4LIFE Serious Game was created in collaboration with upper secondary and VET teachers as primary beneficiaries, who could use it as a tool for assessing their students’ digital skills. Participatory design allowed the creation of an innovative product tailored to the real needs of students.

The main co-design goals were to support and update teacher’s digital skills, as defined in DigCompEdu, exploring and sharing pedagogical skills for educators. The national teams were invited to join a learning experience based on a problem-based, gamified learning strategy, which created meaningful scenarios for them and consequently for students.


Experimentation and implementation of the prototype on students (IO3) aim to develop a protocol to guide the experimentation process with Dig4Life. The protocol will be validated and used within the project and will constitute a tangible output that will accompany Dig4Life for teachers to perform further experimentations.

The DIG4LIFE methodology/tools will be tested also on the dual vocational training system (IO4) in Austria, during the internship phase of students, bridging secondary and tertiary institutions with the labour market in an empowered way.

DIG4LIFE using an open methodology of research, combines bottom-up and bottom-down approaches, taking at the same time the responsibility to propose policies and also to test and validate them through open discussion and checking with the real and virtual communities.


DIG4LIFE Product Release: Guidelines and digital tools which includes:

During the training activity, FH JOANNEUM GESELLSCHAFT MBH (AT) shared their practices and experiences in conducting e-learning, online and blended learning, game-based learning, creating videos. The training sessions acted as an initiative for the whole project with several pragmatic examples and engaging workshops.


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